Minimalist Wallet – Aki Minimalist Slim Wallet – Kisetsu.Co

Slim wallet AKI from Kistesu Thin Wallets

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Aki Wallet The Best Minimalist Bifold Slim Wallet – Funded on Kickstarter

Aki, which stands for Autumn(in Japanese) is the Ultimate Slim Bifold Minimalist Wallet.

Every part of the wallet’s construct is carefully thought out to maximize functionality.
There is no conventional coin zip compartment here, however, you will find an anti-spill utility compartment instead.

They’ve also avoided using unnecessary layers of leather by means of an elastic band for cash instead of having a cash compartment.
Kisetsu’s signature Ninja-slot makes its debut on the Aki wallet. It is essentially a concealed quick-access card slot for your most used card.

Especially for frequent travelers, Aki also spots a hidden sim-card compartment, a travel pen and all round RFID protection.

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