The Pancake God


Here I am now looking for a way to expand and grow. The pancakes are looking better and better and I’m looking for a way to really make a name in the pancake space. It has been something I have thought about for a while and it’s getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. I’m going to take what I’ve leaned with my years of pancake making and the last year of intense pancake eating to do something big.

I plan on starting a pancake brand of my own. The recipe will likely have a whole wheat, oat or coconut flour base. It will likely have a vanilla flavor to start with unless I something else I try tastes better. The name of the brand will be “Pancake God Pancakes”. The logo will have PG pancakes with a large picture on the front.

There are some logistics to figure out before this comes to life. First, I will have to find a co-packer that is willing to do a small run of pancakes. Second, I will have to have a couple thousand dollars to pay for this stock of pancakes. Third, I will have to find someone to design the pancake bag or design it myself so it looks good. Fourth and finally, I’ll have to research all of the legal things that come with selling a food product.


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